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Actually, it is IMPOSSIBLE to show you what JUDGE THE POET’s performance would be like at your venue or event…

Every performance is uniquely crafted to match the mood, enhance the moment and amaze the audience on the day. JUDGE’s poems can be funny or serious, light-hearted or philosophical. They are always memorable.


These four videos have been chosen simply to show you how SPONTANEOUS POETRY works – and that it works everywhere, even in the most unlikely places!


The first video: Excerpts from a CABARET performance, in front of a select group of high-fliers attending a “getting to know each other” session.


The second video: Taken from a MIX AND MINGLE performance at a loud engagement party.

The third video: A short excerpt from an online VIRTUAL performance.

The fourth video: The start of a HYBRID performance.


Please watch, enjoy and then imagine how 

JUDGE THE POET could amaze and entertain your audience, event or venue.






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